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Santa Rosa Local Weather



Hello SRS Coaches/Families,

The question of what do we do in the case of extreme heat &/or power shut downs?

What routinely happens on extremely hot days (& when there is no closure sent from the City of Santa Rosa) when teams have "GAMES". We advise them to bring an EZ-UP/Canopy to provide shade and referees are instructed to provide stoppage mid-half to  allow the field players a "water break", this usually lasts about 5 minutes adding approximately 10 minutes onto the game. Additionally, cold-water washcloths are also a good idea to help cool down the players and playing later in the day is also helpful.

With said, in real extreme heat we have canceled games, but at this point after looking at the temperature since it is dropping and will continue as the sun also starts to go down we are not canceling games or practices.

However, coaches should use their discretion on whether or not they wish to hold a practice and if so, please be sure that you are taking regular water breaks and keep practice light.

As for the coaches who have evening games, please be sure to take the extra precautions noted including additional water breaks and use your discretion as well= doing what is best for your team, including stopping the game if it becomes necessary.

Santa Rosa South Youth Soccer Club