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Santa Rosa South PHOTO SCHEDULE 2018

 Check-in 15 min prior to your photo time
Rescheduling requests must be placed by Thursday 5pm prior to Photo Day 
Division Gender Age
Team Name Game Time Game
8:00 AM Comp Girls 2006 Phantoms no game      
8:05 AM Rec Girls U08 Comets  9:30 AM HVS    
8:10 AM Rec Girls U08 SRS Rockets  9:30 AM HVS    
8:15 AM Rec Girls U10 Inferno  10:00 AM Proc Ter    
8:30 AM Rec Girls U10 SRS Infinity  10:00 AM Proc Ter    
8:35 AM Rec Boys U12 SRS AVALANCHE 10:30 AM SRMS    
8:40 AM Rec Girls U12 SRS FIRE  10:30 AM SRMS    
8:45 AM Rec Girls U12 SRS FLAME 10:30 AM SRMS    
9:00 AM Rec Boys U10 Rangers  10:20 AM Steel Ln    
9:05 AM Rec Boys U10 SRS Avengers  10:20 AM Steel Ln    
9:10 AM Rec Girls U08 Asteroids  10:30 AM HVS    
9:15 AM Rec Girls U08 Galaxy  10:30 AM HVS    
9:25 AM Comp Boys 2009 Alliance 11:00 AM Slater    
9:35 AM Rec Girls U10 Extreme  11:20 AM Proc Ter    
9:40 AM Rec Girls U10 Stampede  11:20 AM Proc Ter    
9:50 AM Rec Boys U10 Enforcers  11:40 AM Steel Ln    
9:55 AM Rec Boys U10 SRS Bruisers  11:40 AM Steel Ln    
10:30 AM Comp Girls 2008 Strikers  12:30 PM Slater    
10:40 AM Comp Girls 2005 Orange Crush 1:00 PM Analy HS    
10:45 AM Rec Boys U14 SRS KICKERS 1:00 PM Galvin    
10:50 AM Rec Girls U14 SRS SCORCHERS  1:30 PM Galvin    
10:55 AM Rec Girls U12 SRS FREEZE  1:30 PM SRMS    
11:05 AM Comp Boys 2006 Rangers  3:00 PM College of Marin    
11:10 AM Comp Boys 2007 Alliance 2:00 PM Slater    
11:15 AM Rec Coed U06 SRS Dolphins 9:00 AM SRMS    
11:20 AM Rec Coed U06 SRS Koalas  9:00 AM SRMS    
11:30 AM Rec Boys U08 Bulls  9:00 AM HVS    
11:35 AM Rec Boys U08 Strikers  9:00 AM HVS    
11:40 AM Rec Boys U10 Predators  9:00 AM Steel Ln    
11:45 AM Rec Boys U10 Slammers  9:00 AM Steel Ln    
11:55 AM Rec Boys U12 SRS AVENGERS  9:00 AM SRMS    
12:00 PM Rec Boys U12 SRS HURRICANES  9:00 AM SRMS    
12:05 PM Rec Boys U14 SRS STINGERS 9:00 AM Galvin    
12:10 PM Rec Coed U06 Gazelles  9:45 AM SRMS    
12:20 PM Rec Coed U06 SRS Giraffes  9:45 AM SRMS    
12:25 PM Comp Girls 2008 Crushers 9:30 AM Slater    
12:30 PM Rec Boys U08 Earthquakes  10:00 AM HVS    
12:35 PM Rec Boys U08 SRS Pirates  10:00 AM HVS    
12:45 PM Rec Coed U06 SRS Lions  10:30 AM SRMS    
12:50 PM Rec Coed U06 SRS Sharks  10:30 AM SRMS    
1:10 PM Rec Boys U08 Dynamo  11:00 AM HVS    
1:15 PM Rec Boys U08 Impact  11:00 AM HVS    
1:25 PM Rec Coed U06 KANGAROOS BYE      
1:35 PM Rec Boys U08 REVOLUTION BYE      
1:40 PM Comp Girls 2007 Crush 3:30 PM Slater    
1:45 PM Rec Girls U08 SHOOTING STARS BYE      
1:50 PM Rec Boys U10 CHALLENGERS BYE      
1:55 PM Rec Girls U10 BLITZ BYE      
2:05 PM Rec Girls U16 PHOENIX BYE      
2:10 PM Comp Boys 2008 Force 5:00 PM Slater    
2:10 PM Rec Boys U14 SRS CRUSHERS  5:30 PM Galvin    

Fall 2018 Recreational GAME SCHEDULES are posted=


Click on "SCHEDULES" and then scroll down to your "AGE GROUP/GENDER" to view GAME SCHEDULE.



Welcome to the Santa Rosa South Youth Soccer Club!

Our club is the consolidation of former Annadel, Santa Rosa Central and Laguna Youth Soccer Clubs.  If you have any questions please email us at

Be REFEREE in 2018!

This years REFEREE course is confirmed but space is limited, so click on the "REFEREE" tab to SIGN-UP TODAY!

SRS wants you to COACH!

For instructions on "how to sign-up", please click COACHES and then select "BECOME A COACH".



Online Recreational Registration is Closed.

To register for Recreational soccer, please click this link -

Forgot to REGISTER?

Although online registration has closed, SRS will still accept "late registration" of players to fill spots in some age/gender groups & will wait-list players in others, adding to teams as space allows.

For more information about joining us for FALL SOCCER, email us at:

PLEASE include the name of your child(ren) along w/their full date of birth and our registrar will contact you.

SRS 2018/19 Competitive Tryouts

Tryouts will be held according to the following schedule:

Saturday, May 19th from 2:30-4:00 pm at: TRIONE Field
Boys 2007 (U12) & 2009 (U10)

Sunday, May 20th from 9:00 am to 10:30 am at: TRIONE Field
Boys 2010 (U9)
Girls 2008 (U11), 2009 (U10), 2010 (U9)

Sunday, May 20th from 11:00 am-12:30 pm at: TRIONE Field
Boys 2007 (U12), 2008 (U11)
Girls 2007 (U12)

Sunday, May 20th from 1:00-2:30 pm at: TRIONE Field
Boys 2006 (U13)
Girls 2005 (U14), 2006 (U13)

Monday, May 21 from 5:30-7:30 pm at: SLATER Middle School
Boys 2008 (U11), 2009 U10), 2010 (U9)
Girls 2007 (U12), 2010 (U9)

Wednesday, May 23 from 5:30-7:00 pm at: SLATER Middle School
Boys 2006 (U13), 2007 (U12) 
Girls 2005 (U14), 2006 (U13), 2008 (U11), 2010 (U10)

It is strongly recommended that all players attend both tryout days and times, although it is only required to attend one.

All tryouts RAIN or SHINE will be held at TRIONE Soccer Complex (4400 Old Redwood Hwy, Santa Rosa, CA 95403) OR SLATER Middle School (3500 Sonoma Ave), on the dates and times identified above.  

Please arrive 30 minutes prior the start of your scheduled tryout time so we can check forms and confirm your age. Remember to bring cleats, shin guards, water, and a great attitude!





All Tryout participants will need to print, sign, and bring to the tryouts a medical release form.  Please download this form -

We are still looking for coaches for the following age groups:
U9 Girls (2009)
U9 Boys (2009)
U10 Girls (2008)
U11 Boys (2007)
U13 Boys (2005)
U14 Girls (2004)

How Can SRS help your family after the Fire Storm?

It is our sincere hope that you are all safe as we are aware that many families in our soccer community have been affected by the devastating fires. This has been a very difficult time for our whole Community, and we are committed to helping in any way we can, so we want to reach out again to offer our support to all of our families, and express our sadness for those who have lost homes and family members.

We have had offers of donations of equipment and uniforms and would like to help our players & coaches replace their lost soccer gear. If you have any soccer cleats, uniforms or gear that you would like to *donate please drop it off at the location at the bottom of this section, and we WILL ensure it goes to a child/family who are victims of the fire. To help us ensure just that.... If you, or any of the families on your team suffered a loss due to the fires please reach out and let us know if there is a way that we can assist. In addition to replacing soccer gear, we want to assist in other ways if we can, and you can help us to identify those needs sending an email to: and we will reach out for specific items/funds (Likewise, if you have items/funds to donate, SRS has several volunteers ready to assist with organization of donations for distribution on Sunday, November 5th).

Donation Drop Off: ℅ SRYSC 1147 Beaver Street Santa Rosa 95404

Head Injury Prevention and Protocol

Please check out our News page for more Information.

No Dogs Allowed on Fields

Please be aware that no dogs are allowed at any of the fields at any time.  This has been a problem in the past, so thank you in advance for following this important safety rule


Club Sponsors

Please support the companies that sponsor your children!

Sponsored by Sports City

Sports City

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Sponsored by Soccer & Sports

Soccer & Sports

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Sponsored by Synergized Info

Synergized Info

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Santa Rosa Youth Soccer League (SRYSL) makes the call on the condition of the grass fields due to wet weather and whether they are available for play.  The update is located on their website at

You can also "like" our page on Facebook (see below) to receive updates due to weather.

SRS Mailing List

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